World of Warcraft Arena 2v2 Coaching


We offer World of Warcraft Arena 2v2 Coaching. All of our coaches are professional players and they can teach you how to get a lot better.

We will customize the coaching for your skill level and hours bought, even if you’re a beginner or semi pro; you can always improve.

  • Price per hour
  • Self-play
  • Voice Chat

Price is per hour (increase quantity for more hours).


Q: Who will be my coach?

A: All our coaches are experienced players who have more years of experience.  They will help you in all possible aspects to improve yourself as a player.

Q: How much is it safe?

A: Customer safety is top priority for us. All players are experienced players with more years of experience. Bots and hacks are strictly prohibited.

Q: How to contact you?

A: You can contact us by clicking on the chat icon in the lower right corner (live chat) or leave a message there or via skype.

Q: Is my account protected?

A: Absolutely yes. For us the safety of the client in the first place.

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