League of Legends Leveling – Eliteboost


We can help you to get to 30 level or any level you want in LoL.

We will play with your account until we reach the level that you desire.

Please note: The entire process is carried out manually, with no hacks and bots.


  • LoL Account


  • Level you bought.
  • IP (around 50-90 per game)

Delivery Time:

  • We do around 4-8 games per day that is almost 1-2 lol levels daily.


Q: Where can I get more information?

A: You can contact us by clicking on the chat icon in the lower right corner (live chat) or leave a message there or via skype.

Q: How much is it safe?

A: Customer safety is top priority for us. All players are experienced players with more years of experience. Bots and hacks are strictly prohibited.

Q: Is my account protected?

A: Absolutely yes. For us the safety of the client in the first place.

Q: Who will play on my account?

A: All our players are players with more years of experience. We carefully select our boosters, and they are among the best in the world.

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