Dota 2 MMR Boost

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You can boost your MMR in DotA 2 with the help of our professional players. Enter your current MMR and desired MMR to calculate the cost.

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Quick boost your MMR

You can boost your MMR in DotA 2 with the help of our professional players.

Enter your current MMR and desired MMR to calculate the cost.

After we receive your payment, we will contact you via e-mail or live chat for further instructions.


  • Steam account with Dota 2 and Dota Level 50 Trophy or Level 13 Profile.
  • You are not in Low Priority queue.


  • Your desired Dota 2 Solo or Team MMR.
  • All items that drop during our service are yours to keep.

Delivery Time:

  • We do 75-150 mmr per day so the time depends how big the boost is, and if a patch comes the boost can take bit longer.
  • When we start the job we will tell you the ETA of when you can expect it to be done.


Q: Who will play on my account?

A: All our players have high MMR. We do not hire any random players like you can see on other services (even though they claim it is not so).

Q: How much is it safe?

A: Customer safety is top priority for us. All players are experienced players with more years of experience. Bots and hacks are strictly prohibited.

Q: How to contact you?

A: You can contact us by clicking on the chat icon in the lower right corner (live chat) or leave a message there or via Skype.

Q: How do I know when the job is done?

A: When the job is completed we will notify you via email. Also, you will receive player’s email address, so you can contact him during the job.

Q: Is my account protected?

A: Absolutely yes. For us the safety of the client in the first place. For users who use Steam should note that players log on to your account from another location, which closes the steam market for 7 days. This means that the steam store/market is CLOSED for us.

16 reviews for Dota 2 MMR Boost

  1. tonspri (verified owner)

    I tried this out of curiosity and boy was I surprised! Their support staff replies most of the time and is super friendly! Better connect with them through discord because that’s how I got my update through my order and they let you know once it is done! Will surely come back!

  2. brotherfrodo (verified owner)

    Great service with even better communication!

  3. tears&sun

    Live chat support is very quick and professional, and they do the best to help your needs.
    Overall they did a very good job and I would recommend them,my booster Shamii was very kind and helpful .

  4. MeanMan

    Boosted 700mmr to 2000mmr, very happy with the result. It took about 3 days to complete. My booster YNK was professional, kept me in the loop about how things where going. Will absolutely recommended “Eliteboost” to my friends!

  5. Roree

    My booster Samii is very good and skilled player boosted me from 2.9k – 5.2k fine, friendly and no problem with communication even got a discount,it went smooth,i’m very happy with the service for sure i will use it again when i need boost 🙂

  6. Kindred Spirits

    very fast service, boost was done in couple of days, very satisfied

  7. GreatWhite

    Good evening, i write here for the first time.
    This site is very realiable and trustworthy, no issues with money whatsoever and they give u exactly what u agreed upon.
    Main reason why i write about on this site is about a booster, he was helpfull and answered all my questions and doubts. I used Eliteboost services 2 times, first one was to ensure myself if they will do the task given.I told about this website to all my friend and my booster Marco was realy friendly and helpful tnx a loat !

  8. YoGameZ


    simple as that.

  9. Morphling

    Best service. These guys are new so i am writing up a review for them. They won’t scam you of your account and also the players / boosters here are passionate about the game. These guys are pretty cheap compared to other sites. So go for it.

  10. YOLO

    Just finished my boost even faster than it should. My recommendation

  11. Michael

    Good service.

  12. Custodio

    excelent service, veri fast boost.

  13. Christopher Sanchez

    I have used this service 2 times so far and i’m very satisfied. At first I was worried because I did not know this service, but I was pleasantly surprised.

    Boosting was done very fast and professionally, communication is great.
    Everything is as advertised. I recommend everyone to try this service.

    Thank you.

  14. Timothy Brown

    wow, 10/10 Service – 1000MMR boosted quickly. GJ

  15. Tim Krüger

    Excellent. You guys rock!

  16. Kowalczyk

    I have ordered 2000MMR boost and I expected that it will be over in a month. It’s been over a month (one month and +12 days) and the boost is not yet completed. It seems that the service is a bit slow.
    Otherwise, the staff is nice and friendly.
    If the job is finished soon, I may re-use this service in the future…

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